Hi, I'm Kristin! I grew up on a farm in sunny Central California and attended school in beautiful San Luis Obispo to pursue a degree in Agriculture Science. I never could have imagined that my background in farming and a degree in agriculture could have led me to where I am today - a wife, mother and avid photographer. 

I met my husband, Ryan, shortly after graduating from Cal Poly SLO. They say when you meet the one, you just know, and I did. Following my heart, I packed up everything I had and moved to Gilroy, California to live with Ryan and pursue a career in agriculture. I ended up finding my dream job at California Giant Berry Farms as a sales coordinator. As time went on, I expressed interest in their marketing department and the marketing director, Cindy, took notice. Cindy took me under her wing and gave me the freedom to experiment in their various marketing endeavors. Fast forward five years, and I've gone from a sales coordinator to a food photographer, photographing recipes for California Giant. 

Ryan and I recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world, Piper Francis. After holding her and loving her in a way I never knew possible, I realized I wouldn't be able to leave her everyday. I decided to leave my job and pursue a career as a freelance photographer. From photographing recipes of food, to now photographing babies and families, sharing my love of photography with others brings me more happiness than I could have dreamed.